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Singing Scripture in a Small Group

Worship can be a really meaningful part of a small group, and how better to worship together than singing God’s Word and promises back to him? This can also be a good way to help your group memorize Scripture and develop a sense of community. For groups that perhaps tend to operate more on a cognitive level, singing the Word balances the small group experience with a more emotive element. Something that might be fun if you have a musical/creative group is to work together to create tunes for Scripture passages. If music is not a natural strong point for your group, you can go to the Singing Scripture resource page to find resources in which artists have already put the words of Scripture to music.

Website Resources

Leading Worship in Small Groups by Brent Helming
This resource gives a detailed overview of small group worship and describes what the experience may be like and discusses differences for various group dynamics and other relevant topics. Several practical tips include which musical keys are the best for small groups and how to select songs.

Seven Tips for Leading Worship with Smaller Groups by Jon Nicol
This list contains practical tips for specific needs in small group worship, presented in a concise, clear, and insightful way.

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