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Singing Scripture Resources

Sons of Korah

Sons of Korah is a band out of Australia that sings exclusively from the book of Psalms. If you have never heard various psalms sung, you are in for a real biblical experience. These excellent musicians have thoughtfully and skillfully brought a large variety of psalms to life in a number of albums. Additionally, their website offers study materials about the book of Psalms, terminology used in Psalms, and a helpful commentary on each of the psalms they sing. These resources add depth to your meditation as you follow along with their music. Examples of their music are available on their website.

Deeper Places: Experiencing God in the Psalms by Matthew Jacoby

Matthew Jacoby is a teaching pastor who has a doctorate in philosophical theology and is the lead singer in Sons of Korah (see above). His book, Deeper Places, is a strong instructional tool about the book of Psalms, exploring its purpose and use in our spiritual lives. He believes that the book of Psalms was given to us to help us have personal encounters with God. Jacoby’s book is an insightful look into both how we tend to relate to God and how we should be relating to God. He uses the book of Psalms as a tutor for what authentic spirituality looks like.

Bible Gateway – Scripture Memory Songs

The Bible Gateway Store has literally hundreds of Scripture memory songs available under the category of “Scripture Memory Songs.” This is a fantastic resource to find specific passages set to music by a huge variety of musicians.

Forever Grateful Music – Scripture Memory Songs by Mark Altrogge

Pastor Mark Altrogge first started putting Scripture to music for himself to help himself memorize the Bible. He wanted the same for his kids and has now made his music available to everyone through numerous albums. His website includes a listing of 16 reasons to memorize Scripture as well as many helpful suggestions for how to use Scripture set to music as a means of memorizing it.

Sing the Word

The Sing the Word website offers seven albums that are all centered around singing verses or passages of Scripture. Some albums are targeted to younger audiences while others are for older kids and adults. The songs usually consist of the words of a verse or small passage sung to a simple melody that closes with the verse citation. 

Singing Scriptures: Romans Cycle by Bruce White

Bruce’s website includes songs of representative verses from every chapter in the book of Romans. The website offers some free downloads for those that want to experience the music before purchasing.

Hide ‘Em in Your Heart by Steve Green

Well-known Christian singer Steve Green has a wonderful series of Scripture passages put to music for children. The “Hide ‘Em in Your Heart” series includes multiple albums and DVDs. The website includes free downloads for you to listen to parts of each song.

Scripture Release: The Word of God in Song

The Scripture Release website has a number of Scripture passages put to song. The Scripture Release album is the first 24 verses of the Navigator Topical Memory System (key verses to memorize) put to song. The album Heartseed is Scripture songs for children. The album Scripture Song Source has a variety of Scripture passages.

The Voice of Prophecy

The Voice of Prophecy offers free sheet music and lyrics for hundreds of Bible verses put to song as written by Wayne Hooper. No actual music is recorded online, but the availability of the sheet music provides a helpful teaching tool.

Psalm 119 in Song

Susie H. Kimbrough has recorded 22 different songs covering Psalm 119 in its entirety (an important psalm about engaging Scripture), and compiled them all on one album. 

Singing in the Brain: Insights from Cognitive Neuropsychology

This academic journal article, published by the University of California, provides documented research on the connection between singing and memory. The researchers presented one group of people songs with melody and text and another group with just text. The two groups were compared for how well each group remembered the text. The results clearly showed that those who received the text with a melody remembered it much better than those who received only the text. What we know from experience, that we all tend to remember songs, is backed up by some interesting research.

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