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Hand Copying the Word in Small Groups

Hand Copying the Word can be a helpful way to get people in a small group to really focus on a passage as they read it. You can either make time for your group to hand copy the passage you are going to study during your small group or have participants hand copy the passage before your group meets as a homework assignment in preparation for your small group. As participants copy a passage, they will encounter each word individually, slowing them down and giving them more time to focus on what they are reading and writing. This is a good way to open up a passage to your group to get them to think about it before you begin to discuss. Have participants jot questions in the margins and underline things that stood out to them as they copy they passage. You can have people compare their thoughts in pairs or small groups of three or four and then have everyone come together as a full group. Another option is to go around the circle and ask people what stood out to them. Chances are, they will notice more after they have handwritten it than if they had just read it. When choosing methods for your small group, use creativity and find out what would work best for your specific group.

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