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Handing Copying Scripture Resources


Journibles are journals/notebooks specifically designed for hand copying Scriptures. The notebooks have faint lines printed so the words of a specific Bible chapter and verse can be hand copied on the right-hand page of the journible. Journibles are designed to have just the right amount of space for each verse. On the left-hand page of the notebook there is room for personal notes to be added. Though Scriptures can be copied on to any piece of paper, it is especially nice to have a notebook specifically designed for the process, something that can be easily stored and found and will keep well for future use.

The Journibles website is a good source of information on hand copying Scripture for multiple types of ministry: small groups, personal devotions, youth groups, and family devotions. The website is an excellent resource for understanding the value of hand copying Scripture and for ideas on how to begin practicing this discipline for both individuals and groups. 

Church Hand Copies the Bible

This CNN video is about a church that works to get to know each other better and God better by hand copying the entire Bible together during the Lenten season. It is an inspiring story that attests to the value of hand copying Scripture for both individuals and for a church community.

The Happy Handwriting: Scriptures

This children’s workbook allows kids to combine handwriting practice with Scripture memorization. The 62 different worksheets allow young students to write out each verse several times. This workbook is a good resource for children Kindergarten through 4th grade to both practice their hand writing (print and cursive) and learn Bible verses.

Forum Discussing Hand Copying Scripture

A group of people discuss a project in which they copied the Bible on this internet forum. The website is for the purpose of discussing the actual skill of writing (think penmanship and calligraphy), but the comments are interesting and affirm the personal impact of writing Scripture in your own hand:

A Hand Copying Story

The October 23,1995 issue of Christianity Today includes a story about Marek Kaminski. When he was 14, Marek, who was raised in communist Poland, lost his father in a car accident. During his grief over his loss, he found a Bible in his home and started reading it because he had heard that it was a fortune-telling book. Marek, realizing the Bible was a very serious book and not a fortune-telling book, read the entire Bible over a three year period. He believed what he read in the Bible, became a Christian, and had a deep desire to learn more about the Bible. Marek began to write out entire books of the Bible as a way to slow down and fully study each word. However, Marek, who was right-handed, realized the only way to really slow himself down was to copy with his left hand! After reproducing the first four books of the Old Testament, Isaiah, Psalms, all four Gospels, and Revelation, he realized that he had memorized God’s Word to the level that allowed him to know when people change even one word in a verse that they quoted!  The article quotes Marek as saying, “To me, the Word of God is like music. You can listen to the same piece several times and get the melody of it. But to hear the whole sound of it, every instrument, each line, you have to listen several times and pay a lot of attention...the word of God is so beautiful, the more time you spend in it, the more you appreciate it.” Hand copying Scripture is a way that we also can engage the Scriptures and understand and appreciate the beauty of God’s Word.

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