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49 And look, I am sending you[a] what my Father promised.[b] But stay in the city[c] until you have been clothed with power[d] from on high.”

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  1. Luke 24:49 tn Grk “sending on you.”
  2. Luke 24:49 tn Grk “the promise of my Father,” with τοῦ πατρός (tou patros) translated as a subjective genitive. This is a reference to the Holy Spirit and looks back to how one could see Messiah had come with the promise of old (Luke 3:15-18). The promise is rooted in Jer 31:31 and Ezek 36:26.
  3. Luke 24:49 sn The city refers to Jerusalem.
  4. Luke 24:49 sn Until you have been clothed with power refers to the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. What the Spirit supplies is enablement. See Luke 12:11-12; 21:12-15. The difference the Spirit makes can be seen in Peter (compare Luke 22:54-62 with Acts 2:14-41).

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