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On the first day[a] of the week, when we met[b] to break bread, Paul began to speak[c] to the people, and because he intended[d] to leave the next day, he extended[e] his message until midnight.

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  1. Acts 20:7 sn On the first day. This is the first mention of a Sunday gathering (1 Cor 16:2).
  2. Acts 20:7 tn Or “assembled.”
  3. Acts 20:7 tn The verb διαλέγομαι (dialegomai) is frequently used of Paul addressing Jews in the synagogue. As G. Schrenk (TDNT 2:94-95) points out, “What is at issue is the address which any qualified member of a synagogue might give.” Other examples of this may be found in the NT in Matt 4:23 and Mark 1:21. In the context of a Christian gathering, it is preferable to translate διελέγετο (dielegeto) simply as “speak” here. The imperfect verb διελέγετο has been translated as an ingressive imperfect.
  4. Acts 20:7 tn BDAG 628 s.v. μέλλω 1.c.γ has “denoting an intended action: intend, propose, have in mindAc 17:31; 20:3, 7, 13ab; 23:15; 26:2; 27:30.”
  5. Acts 20:7 tn Or “prolonged.”

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