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Resources for Storying the Word


Truth that Sticks: How to Communicate Velcro Truth in a Teflon World by Avery T. Willis Jr. and Mark Snowden

How does one make disciples of oral learners? This book suggests that Bible storying is the answer. It gives reasons for why to do it and why it works, then moves on to how to do it specifically in a small group setting. This book is a fantastic resource for storying in general and storying in small groups specifically. It is a must-read for anyone interested in pursuing this topic.

Basic Bible Storying: Preparing and Presenting Bible Stories for Evangelism, Discipleship, Training, and Ministry by J. O. Terry

A book written to train people in the art of Bible storying, this is an excellent resource for specific how-to’s. It begins by explaining why storying is needed and then switches to details of the process. The author is very practiced and has many good insights to share. Though it is a little more geared toward the use of storying in foreign missions, it has much material that is applicable to any small group setting.

Story Thru the Bible: An Interactive Way to Connect with God’s Word by Chris Tiegreen

Want a basic starting place once you’ve figured out how to story? Chris Tiegreen’s book is a great place to start. It contains a selection of 52 stories that work their way through the Bible from the creation of the world to Christ’s promise of his Spirit to help his followers. It provides the basic theme of the passage, the Scripture passage or passages from which the story came, and a little bit of background on the passage. It also includes some dialogue with which one might begin a small group, the story told in the way the author thought best, and possible discussion questions. This is an excellent resource for getting started storying in a small group.

Online Resources

Learning to Soar Videos

Avery T. Willis Jr.’s videos make an excellent visual resource. They provide practical tips from a very experienced story teller. Some of them explain the process of storying, telling one how to prepare, how to tell the story and then how to lead the discussion. Others are actual videos of storying in progress. They are invaluable in helping to get a handle on what storying actually looks like.

Orality Strategies Website

Extremely detailed and specific, this site contains helpful resources for the person interested in storying. Its “about” page has some general information on what storying is and why it’s important. On its “strategies” page it explores strategies such as storying chronologically, topically, through video, etc. The “experience” page gives stories of people who have been impacted by storying, and its “resource” page contains a plethora of very useful information including articles, Bible stories, books, magazines, case studies, story sets, etc. This website is extremely valuable and free for all to use.

Communicating Christ In A Cross-Cultural Context: Developing Effective Media and Communication Strategies Leading to Church Planting Movements

The Communication and Mobilization Strategies Team’s workbook gives an in depth, more scientific look at the need for storying. Taking a broad look at storying, it sees issues from a global perspective, providing some interesting new insights. It also discusses small group storying and gives some practical tips and lists of questions about the stories, which is probably the most valuable part of this resource.

Making Disciples of Oral Learners

Put out by the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelism this online booklet primarily focuses on the value of storying the Word on the missions field, but it also has helpful material for working in a small group setting. Its most valuable asset is its list of resources at the end, which is very expansive.

International Orality Network

The International Orality Network website focuses on spreading the need for storying throughout the world as well as attempting to equip people to story. It is highly focused on world missions, but has information that can be applied to a small group setting. Its resource page is also expansive and allows you to focus on whatever aspect of storying you want to study.

J. O. Terry’s website’s contains an assortment of resources on Bible storying, including articles, books, and the free newsletters put out by the Orality Network. The list is not very extensive, but contains enough to give you a quick overview of helpful resources rather than overwhelming you with everything that’s ever been written on the topic.

Bible Storying: Its Place in Church & Personal Discipleship

Baptist Press’s article provides a brief overview of the concept of storying, the reasons for it and some quick practice tips. If you want an explanation of storying, short and simple, this one is great.

Storying the Bible in North America

Put out by Church Planting Village, this article provides more sources and an eloquent explanation of why storying is necessary and helpful. It also gives general thoughts about how storying must be done. If you want a brief overview of the concept, this resource is very helpful.

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