Scripture Engagement/ Memorizing Scripture in a Small Group

Scripture Memorization in Small Groups

Small groups are the perfect place for Scripture memorization! Memorizing is a powerful way to help group members think about what they have been learning in a small group study throughout the week. Group rather than individual memorization provides an accountability system for members and gives your group opportunities to bond through the shared experience of memorizing the passage. A group could memorize one key verse from a study, or stretch to memorize a longer passage (e.g., Romans 12) or even a book of the Bible. Make the process fun and encouraging, not a race or something to feel guilty about. Singing a Scripture song as a group is an excellent way to memorize a passage and to come together as a group at the same time. There are also memory games you could play together or acronyms that could be developed to help your group. Experiment to discover what works for your group.

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