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Praying the Word Resources

Please note: there are many other good resources for praying the Scriptures, this is just a sample.


Praying the Scriptures: A Field Guide for Your Spiritual Journey by Evan Howard

Howard explains that ‘To pray the Scriptures is to order one’s time of prayer around a particular text in the Bible. . . . a particular Scripture influences the words, mood and structure of my time with God” (11). He describes a number of helpful ways to pray the Scriptures and explains that you are to “listen to God through the passage; be present with God through the passage” (20). Praying through the Word should spark change in your life. One of the most helpful aspects of this book is that Howard provides specific prayers for verses or passages. Overall, Howard’s book is an excellent source for discovering why and how we should pray through Scripture. 

Handbook to Prayer by Kenneth Boa

The heart of the book is a “Daily Prayer Guide” containing three months of daily prayers adapted from Bible passages. Each is modeled after the Lord’s prayer and includes eight sections: Adoration, Confession, Renewal, Petition, Intercession, Affirmation, Thanksgiving, and Closing Prayer. Short questions are woven among the different verses to help the reader focus during his or her communication with God. The book also includes Morning Affirmations (short ideas to renew your mind each day), an in-depth week long prayer guide, and personal prayer pages.

Face to Face, Volume 1: Praying the Scriptures for Worship by Kenneth Boa

This adaptation of the Handbook to Prayer is structured in the same way. Boa encourages readers to think of the book as “a tool that combines the Word of the Lord with prayer and guides you through the process of praying Scripture back to God.”

Seeking God’s Face: Praying with the Bible Through the Year by Philip Reinders & Eugene Peterson

This book is designed to guide the reader through the process of praying the Bible in a year. Each day is composed of an Invitation, Bible Song, Bible Reading, Dwelling, Free Prayer, Prayer, and Blessing. This book is an excellent guide for someone who is interested in praying Scripture as a regular discipline. It is a good resource because it works through the entire Bible in a prayerful way. It also provides more than a small passage. The structure is designed to walk the believer through the discipline without eliminating freedom from the process. The goal is for the reader to engage with the Words of God as he or she worships through prayer. The book is structured around the church calendar, which allows the believer to be mindful of and engage in the rhythm of the year that is established through the different periods on the calendar. Each new period is introduced and described, and the daily selections are arranged accordingly.

Learning to Pray Through the Psalms by James W. Sire
Sire works through about 10 Psalms, guiding the reader through the process of praying each one. The reader is instructed to go over the Psalm three times, slowing down after each repetition. Sire then provides biblical background to help the reader gain understanding. Next, Sire walks the reader through the process of praying the Psalm. He explains the value in praying the Scripture to God and then offers potential prayers and encourages readers to add their own reflections. Each chapter ends with some notes on how the Psalm may be used in a community and includes a small group guide.

Websites on Praying Scripture

Prayer Guide – SIM
This prayer guide is provided by the Society for International Ministries and offers Scripture to pray through based on topics, books of the Bible and themes. The Scripture sections tend to be short, but there are many for each topic.

Psalm 119 Guide
This prayer guide from Christian Life Ministries offers an example of how to pray through Psalm 119. It provides suggested prayers and questions for the first 11 verses and then encourages the reader to continue in a similar fashion. This is an excellent way to begin praying through Scripture. 

Praying Scripture – StoneCroft Ministries
This brochure explains the purpose of praying Scripture. It then provides verses, using the ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication) model, for you to pray for different life situations. It concludes with some basic directions on ways you can pray Scripture.

Praying the Bible: An Interview with Donald Whitney
Since prayer is talking with God—the only Person in the universe worthy of being called awesome—why don’t people pray more? Why don’t the people of God enjoy prayer more? When you’ve said the same old words about the same old things about a thousand times, how do you feel about saying them again? Could the Bible help shape your thoughts and petitions?

News Article on Praying Scripture
This news article provides a brief summary of how to pray through Scripture and why it is important. It includes a brief example of praying Scripture. This is a nice introduction to praying Scripture.

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