Scripture Engagement/ Journaling Scripture for Small Groups

Journaling Scripture in Small Groups

Journaling can be an effective way for small group members to engage Scripture together. Time for journaling can be given during the small group, or participants can journal throughout the week on one passage as a homework assignment in preparation for the group meeting. One option for the small group is for the leader to provide a series of questions for group members to journal specifically for a passage (see the “5 Questions to Ask” sidebar↗ for examples of discussion questions). Another option is for participants to read the passage individually first and then jot down which verses stood out to them, what they think about those verses, what questions they had, general impressions, etc. Journaling could also be used after the passage has already been discussed and the group is moving toward drawing applications. Participants could be asked to write down what specifically moved them about the passage and what action they plan to take as a result. Journaling praises, confessions, thanksgivings or supplications is an option. If journaling becomes a regular small group practice, it might be helpful for members to have their own journals that they bring to the meeting each week. Be sure to provide plenty of paper and pens for participants if you have members journal during the small group. There are many ways journaling might be implemented in a small group. The way a group uses this practice may look completely different from how another group implements it. Know the group members, use creativity, and let God and the passage you are engaging guide you.

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