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God Will Punish the Proud

For the director of music. A ·maskil [skillful psalm; meditation] of David. When Doeg the Edomite came to Saul and ·said [reported] to him, “David ·is in [L has come to/entered] Ahimelech’s house [1 Sam. 21:7; 22:7–23].”

52 Mighty warrior, why do you ·brag [boast] about the evil you do?
    God’s ·love [loyalty] will continue ·forever [L everyday; all day].
You think up ·evil plans [L destruction].
    Your tongue is like a sharp razor [Prov. 18:21],
    making up ·lies [deception].
You love ·wrong [evil] more than ·right [good]
    and ·lies [falsehood] more than speaking the truth. ·Selah [Interlude]
You love words that ·bite [destroy; L swallow up]
    and ·tongues that lie [deceptive tongues; James 3:1–12].

But God will ·ruin you [L break you down] forever.
    He will grab you and ·throw [tear] you out of your tent;
    he will ·tear you away [uproot you] from the land of the living. ·Selah [Interlude]
Those who ·do right [are righteous] will see this and ·fear God [L fear; Prov. 1:7].
    They will laugh at you and say,
“·Look what happened to [T Behold] the man
    who did not ·depend on God [L make God his refuge]
but ·depended on [trusted/put his confidence in] ·his money [L the abundance of his wealth].
    He grew strong by his ·evil [destructive] plans.”

But I am like ·an olive tree
    growing [L a green olive tree] in God’s ·Temple [L house; 1:3; 92:12–13; Jer. 11:16].
I ·trust [have confidence in] God’s ·love [loyalty]
    forever and ever.
God, I will ·thank [praise] you forever for what you have done.
    With ·those who worship you [his loyal ones/saints], I will ·trust [put my confidence in] you because you are good.

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