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A Prayer for Protection

43 God, defend me.
    ·Argue my case [L Vindicate me, O God, and contend for/defend me] against ·those who don’t follow you [L a godless nation].
    ·Save [Rescue; T Deliver] me from ·liars [deceivers] and those who ·do evil [are unjust].
God, you are my ·strength [L refuge].
    Why have you rejected me?
Why am I ·sad [L going around in mourning]
    and ·troubled [oppressed] by my enemies?
Send me your light and ·truth [faithfulness]
    to ·guide [lead] me.
Let them ·lead [bring] me to your holy mountain [C Zion, the location of the Temple],
    to ·where you live [your dwelling].
Then I will go to the altar of God,
    to God who is my joy and happiness.
I will praise you with a ·harp [lyre],
    God, my God.

Why ·am I so sad [L are you downcast, my soul]?
    Why ·am I so upset [are you groaning/in an uproar]?
I ·should [or will] ·put my hope in [wait for] God
    and ·keep praising [or will again praise] him,
my ·Savior [Victor] and my God.

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