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10 Condemn them,[a] O God!
May their own schemes be their downfall.[b]
Drive them away[c] because of their many acts of insurrection,[d]
for they have rebelled against you.

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  1. Psalm 5:10 tn Heb “declare/regard them as guilty.” Declaring the psalmist’s adversaries guilty is here metonymic for judging them or paying them back for their wrongdoing.
  2. Psalm 5:10 tn Heb “may they fall from their plans.” The prefixed verbal form is a jussive, expressing an imprecation. The psalmist calls judgment down on the evildoers. Their plans will be their downfall in that God will judge them for their evil schemes.
  3. Psalm 5:10 tn Or “banish them.”
  4. Psalm 5:10 tn The Hebrew noun used here, פֶּשַׁע (peshaʿ), refers to rebellious actions. The psalmist pictures his enemies as rebels against God (see the next line).

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