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10 Surely[a] one sees[b] that even wise people die;[c]
fools and spiritually insensitive people all pass away[d]
and leave their wealth to others.[e]

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  1. Psalm 49:10 tn The particle כִּי (ki) is understood here as asseverative (emphatic).
  2. Psalm 49:10 tn The subject of the verb is probably the typical “man” mentioned in v. 7. The imperfect can be taken here as generalizing or as indicating potential (“surely he/one can see”).
  3. Psalm 49:10 tn The imperfect verbal forms here and in the next line draw attention to what is characteristically true. The vav (ו) consecutive with perfect in the third line carries the same force.
  4. Psalm 49:10 tn Heb “together a fool and a brutish [man] perish.” The adjective בַּעַר (baʿar, “brutish”) refers to spiritual insensitivity, not mere lack of intelligence or reasoning ability (see Pss 73:22; 92:6; Prov 12:1; 30:2, as well as the use of the related verb in Ps 94:8).
  5. Psalm 49:10 sn Death shows no respect for anyone. No matter how wise or foolish an individual happens to be, all pass away.

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