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Wisdom Speaks

20 Wisdom [C the personification of God’s wisdom; 8:1–36; 9:1–6] ·is like a woman shouting [L shouts] in the street;
    she ·raises her voice [yells out] in the city squares [C the hub for business, government, and social interaction].
21 She cries out ·in the noisy street [L at the top of the noisy throng]
    and shouts at the [L entrances of] city gates:
22 “You ·fools [simpletons; immature ones], how long will you be ·foolish [immature]?
    How long will you make ·fun of wisdom [mocking so dear to you]
    and hate knowledge?
23 If only you had ·listened [responded] when I corrected you,
    I would have ·told you what’s in my heart [L poured forth my spirit to you];
    I would have ·told you what I am thinking [L revealed my words to you].
24 I called, but you ·refused to listen [rejected me];
    I held out my hand, but you paid no attention.
25 You ·did not follow [ignored] my advice
    and did not ·listen when I corrected [want me to correct] you.
26 So I will laugh ·when you are in trouble [L at your calamity].
    I will ·make fun [ridicule you] when disaster strikes you,
27 when ·disaster [dread] comes over you like a ·storm [tempest],
    when trouble strikes you like a whirlwind,
when ·pain [distress] and ·trouble [oppression] overwhelm you.

28 “Then you will call to me,
    but I will not answer.
You will ·look for [seek] me,
    but you will not find me.
29 It is because you ·rejected [hated] knowledge
    and did not choose to ·respect [fear; hold in awe] the Lord.
30 You did not ·accept [want] my advice,
    and you rejected my correction.
31 So you will ·get what you deserve [L eat from the fruit of your path];
    you will ·get what you planned for others [or be satisfied with your own counsel].
32 ·Fools [The simple/immature] will die because they ·refuse to listen [L turn away];
    ·they [L fools] will be destroyed because ·they do not care [of complacency].
33 But those who ·listen to [obey] me will live in safety
    ·and be at peace, without fear of injury [untroubled by the dread of harm].”

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