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King Sihon Defeated(A)

21 Then (B)Israel sent messengers to Sihon king of the Amorites, saying, 22 (C)“Let me pass through your land. We will not turn aside into fields or vineyards; we will not drink water from wells. We will go by the King’s Highway until we have passed through your territory.” 23 (D)But Sihon would not allow Israel to pass through his territory. So Sihon gathered all his people together and [a]went out against Israel in the wilderness, (E)and he came to Jahaz and fought against Israel. 24 Then (F)Israel defeated him with the edge of the sword, and took possession of his land from the Arnon to the Jabbok, as far as the people of Ammon; for the border of the people of Ammon was fortified. 25 So Israel took all these cities, and Israel (G)dwelt in all the cities of the Amorites, in Heshbon and in all its villages. 26 For Heshbon was the city of Sihon king of the Amorites, who had fought against the former king of Moab, and had taken all his land from his hand as far as the Arnon. 27 Therefore those who speak in [b]proverbs say:

“Come to Heshbon, let it be built;
Let the city of Sihon be repaired.

28 “For (H)fire went out from Heshbon,
A flame from the city of Sihon;
It consumed (I)Ar of Moab,
The lords of the (J)heights of the Arnon.
29 Woe to you, (K)Moab!
You have perished, O people of (L)Chemosh!
He has given his (M)sons as fugitives,
And his (N)daughters into captivity,
To Sihon king of the Amorites.

30 “But we have shot at them;
Heshbon has perished (O)as far as Dibon.
Then we laid waste as far as Nophah,
Which reaches to (P)Medeba.”

31 Thus Israel dwelt in the land of the Amorites. 32 Then Moses sent to [c]spy out (Q)Jazer; and they took its villages and drove out the Amorites who were there.

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