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Aaron’s Stick Began to Grow

17 The Lord said to Moses, “Speak to the people of Israel. Get walking sticks from them, one for each father’s house. Get twelve walking sticks, from all their leaders by their fathers’ houses. Write each man’s name on his stick. Write Aaron’s name on the walking stick of Levi. For there will be one walking stick for the head of each father’s house. Then put them in the meeting tent before the Law, where I meet with you. And the walking stick of the man I choose will begin to grow. In this way I will stop the complaining of the people of Israel, who are complaining against you.” So Moses spoke to the people of Israel. All their leaders each gave him a walking stick, one for each leader by their fathers’ houses, twelve walking sticks. And the walking stick of Aaron was among their walking sticks. Moses put the walking sticks before the Lord in the meeting tent of the Law.

The next day Moses went into the meeting tent of the Law. And he saw that the walking stick of Aaron for the house of Levi had begun to grow buds and flowers and almonds. Moses brought out all the walking sticks from before the Lord to all the people of Israel. They looked, and each man took his stick. 10 But the Lord said to Moses, “Put the walking stick of Aaron in front of the Law again. It will be something special to see against those who go against My Word. Then you may put an end to their complaining against Me, so they will not die.” 11 So Moses did this. He did just as the Lord had told him.

12 Then the people of Israel said to Moses, “See, we are being destroyed! We are dying! We are all dying! 13 Everyone who comes near, who comes near the meeting tent of the Lord, must die. Are we all to be destroyed?”

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