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This law scroll must not leave your lips.[a] You must memorize it[b] day and night so you can carefully obey[c] all that is written in it. Then you will prosper[d] and be successful.[e]

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  1. Joshua 1:8 tn Heb “mouth.”sn This law scroll must not leave your lips. The ancient practice of reading aloud to oneself as an aid to memorization is in view here.
  2. Joshua 1:8 tn Heb “read it in undertones,” or “recite it quietly” (see HALOT 237 s.v. I הגה).
  3. Joshua 1:8 tn Heb “be careful to do.”
  4. Joshua 1:8 tn Heb “you will make your way prosperous.”
  5. Joshua 1:8 tn Heb “and be wise,” but the word can mean “be successful” by metonymy.

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