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Accusation of God’s Justice

22 “It is all one![a] That is why I say,[b]
‘He destroys the blameless and the guilty.’

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  1. Job 9:22 tc The LXX omits the phrase “It is all one.” Modern scholars either omit it or transpose it for The expression “it is one” means that God’s dealings with people are indiscriminating. The number “one” could also be taken to mean “the same”—“it is all the same.” The implication is that it does not matter if Job is good or evil, if he lives or dies. This is the conclusion of the preceding section.
  2. Job 9:22 tn The relationships of these clauses is in some question. Some think that the poet has inverted the first two, and so they should read, “That is why I have said: ‘It is all one.’” Others would take the third clause to be what was said.

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