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God is Not Unjust

10 “Therefore, listen to me, you men of understanding.[a]
Far be it from[b] God to do wickedness,
from the Almighty to do evil.
11 For he repays a person for his work,[c]
and according to the conduct of a person,
he causes the consequences to find him.[d]
12 Indeed, in truth, God does not act wickedly,
and the Almighty does not pervert justice.

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  1. Job 34:10 tn Heb “men of heart.” The “heart” is used for the capacity to understand and make the proper choice. It is often translated “mind.”
  2. Job 34:10 tn For this construction, see Job 27:5.
  3. Job 34:11 tn Heb “for the work of man, he [= God] repays him.”
  4. Job 34:11 tn Heb “he causes it to find him.” The text means that God will cause a man to find (or receive) the consequences of his actions.

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