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“As surely as God lives,[a] who has denied me justice,[b]
the Almighty, who has made my life bitter[c]

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  1. Job 27:2 tn The expression חַי־אֵל (khay ʾel) is the oath formula: “as God lives.” In other words, the speaker is staking God’s life on the credibility of the words. It is like saying, “As truly as God is alive.”
  2. Job 27:2 tn “My judgment” would here, as before, be “my right.” God has taken this away by afflicting Job unjustly (A. B. Davidson, Job, 187).
  3. Job 27:2 tn The verb הֵמַר (hemar) is the Hiphil perfect from מָרַר (marar, “to be bitter”) and hence, “to make bitter.” The object of the verb is “my soul,” which is better translated as “me” or “my life.”

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