29 1 Job complaineth of the prosperity of the time past.  7, 21 His authority. 22 Justice and equity.

So Job proceeded, and continued his parable, saying,

Oh that I were as [a]in times past, when God preserved me!

When his [b]light shined upon mine head: and when by his light I walked through the [c]darkness,

As I was in the days of my youth: when [d]God’s providence was upon my tabernacle:

When the Almighty was yet with me, and my children round about me:

when I washed my paths [e]with butter, and when the rock poured me out rivers of oil:

When I went out to the gate, even to the judgment seat, and when I caused them to prepare my seat in the street.

The young men saw me, and [f]hid themselves, and the aged arose, and stood up.

The princes stayed talk, and laid their hand on their [g]mouth.

10 The voice of princes was hid, and their tongue cleaved to the roof of their mouth.

11 And when the [h]ear heard me, it blessed me, and when the eye saw me, it gave witness to [i]me.

12 For I delivered the [j]poor that cried, and the fatherless, and him that had none to help him.

13 [k]The blessing of him that was ready to perish, came upon me, and I caused the widow’s heart to rejoice.

14 I put [l]on justice, and it covered me: my judgment was as a robe, and a crown.

15 I was the eyes to the blind, and I was the feet to the lame.

16 I was a father unto the poor, and when I knew not the cause, I sought it out diligently.

17 I brake also the jaws of the unrighteous man, and plucked the prey out of his teeth.

18 Then I said, I shall die in my [m]nest, and I shall multiply my days as the sand.

19 For my root is [n]spread out by the water, and the dew shall lie upon my branch.

20 My glory shall renew toward me, and my bow shall be restored in mine hand.

21 Unto me men gave ear, and waited, and held their tongue at my counsel.

22 After my words they replied not, and my talk [o]dropped upon them.

23 And they waited for me, as for the rain, and they opened their mouth [p]as for the latter rain.

24 If I [q]laughed on them, they believed it not: neither did they cause the light of my countenance [r]to fall.

25 I appointed out [s]their way, and did sit as chief, and dwelt as a King in the army, and like him that comforteth the mourners.


  1. Job 29:2 Hebrew, month before.
  2. Job 29:3 When I felt his favor.
  3. Job 29:3 I was free from affliction.
  4. Job 29:4 That is, seemed by evident tokens to be more present with me.
  5. Job 29:6 By these similitudes he declareth the great prosperity that he was in, so that he had none occasion to be such a sinner as they accused him.
  6. Job 29:8 Being ashamed of their lightness and afraid of my gravity.
  7. Job 29:9 Acknowledging my wisdom.
  8. Job 29:11 All that heard me, praised me.
  9. Job 29:11 Testifying, that I did good justice.
  10. Job 29:12 Because his adversaries did so much charge him with wickedness, he is compelled to render account of his life.
  11. Job 29:13 That is, I did succor him that was in distress, and so he had cause to praise me.
  12. Job 29:14 I delighted to do justice, as others did to wear costly apparel.
  13. Job 29:18 That is, at home in my bed without all trouble and unquietness.
  14. Job 29:19 My felicity doth increase.
  15. Job 29:22 That is, was pleasant unto them.
  16. Job 29:23 As the dry ground thirsteth for the rain.
  17. Job 29:24 That is, they thought it not to be a rest, or they thought not that I would condescend unto them.
  18. Job 29:24 They were afraid to offend me and cause me to be angry.
  19. Job 29:25 I had them at commandment.

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