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43 Her cities have become wasteland,
    a parched and arid land
Where no one lives,
    no one passes through.

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20 It shall never be inhabited,
    nor dwelt in, from age to age;
Arabians shall not pitch their tents there,
    nor shepherds rest their flocks there.(A)
21 But desert demons shall rest there
    and owls shall fill the houses;
There ostriches shall dwell,
    and satyrs[a] shall dance.(B)
22 Wild dogs shall dwell in its castles,
    and jackals in its luxurious palaces.
Its time is near at hand
    and its days shall not be prolonged.(C)

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  1. 13:21 Satyrs: in the popular mind, demons of goatlike form dwelling in ruins, symbols of immorality; cf. Lv 17:7; Is 34:14.

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