17 Call the name of (A)Pharaoh, king of Egypt,
    ‘Noisy one who lets the hour go by.’

18 (B)“As I live, declares the King,
    (C)whose name is the Lord of hosts,
like (D)Tabor among the mountains
    and like (E)Carmel by the sea, shall one come.
19 (F)Prepare yourselves baggage for exile,
    O (G)inhabitants of Egypt!
For (H)Memphis shall become a waste,
    a ruin, (I)without inhabitant.

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17 There they will exclaim,
    ‘Pharaoh king of Egypt is only a loud noise;(A)
    he has missed his opportunity.(B)

18 “As surely as I live,” declares the King,(C)
    whose name is the Lord Almighty,
“one will come who is like Tabor(D) among the mountains,
    like Carmel(E) by the sea.
19 Pack your belongings for exile,(F)
    you who live in Egypt,
for Memphis(G) will be laid waste(H)
    and lie in ruins without inhabitant.

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