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16 He upheld the cause of the poor and needy.
So things went well for Judah.’[a]
The Lord says,
‘That is a good example of what it means to know me.[b]

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  1. Jeremiah 22:16 tn The words “for Judah” are not in the text, but the absence of the preposition plus object as in the preceding verse suggests that this is a more general statement, i.e., “things went well for everyone.”
  2. Jeremiah 22:16 tn Heb “Is that not what it means to know me?” The question is rhetorical and expects a positive answer. It is translated in the light of the Comparison of the usage of the words “know me” in their context in Jer 2:8; 9:3, 6, 24; and here shows that more than mere intellectual knowledge is involved. Also implied is personal commitment to God and obedience to the demands of the agreements with him. The word “know” is used in ancient Near-Eastern treaty contexts of submission to the will of the overlord. See further the notes on 9:3.

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