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The earth mourns and fades,
    the world languishes and fades;
    both heaven and earth languish.(A)
The earth is polluted because of its inhabitants,
    for they have transgressed laws, violated statutes,
    broken the ancient covenant.[a](B)
Therefore a curse devours the earth,
    and its inhabitants pay for their guilt;
Therefore they who dwell on earth have dwindled,
    and only a few are left.(C)
The new wine mourns, the vine languishes,
    all the merry-hearted groan.(D)

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  1. 24:5 Ancient covenant: God’s commandments to all humankind (cf. Gn 9:4–6).

The Day of the Lord: Judgment on Judah

I will completely sweep away all things
    from the face of the land—oracle of the Lord.
I will sweep away human being and beast alike,
    I will sweep away the birds of the sky,
    and the fish of the sea.
I will make the wicked stumble;
    I will eliminate the people
    from the face of the land—oracle of the Lord.(A)

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