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[a]But there will be no more gloom
    for the land that is in distress.
    Elohim humbled the lands of Zebulun and Naphtali in earlier times.
    But in the future he will bring glory to the road by the sea,
        to the land across the Jordan River,
        to Galilee, where foreigners live.

A Child Will Be Born as the Prince of Peace

The people who walk in darkness will see a bright light.
    The light will shine on those who live in the land of death’s shadow.

You will expand the nation and increase its happiness.
    It will be happy in your presence
        like those who celebrate the harvest
            or rejoice when dividing loot.
You will break the yoke[b] that burdens them,
    the bar that is across their shoulders,
        and the stick used by their oppressor,
            as you did in the battle against Midian.
Every warrior’s boot marching to the sound of battle
    and every garment rolled in blood
        will be burned as fuel in the fire.
A child will be born for us.
    A son will be given to us.
    The government will rest on his shoulders.
    He will be named:
        Wonderful Counselor,
        Mighty God,
        Everlasting Father,
        Sar Shalom.
His government and peace will have unlimited growth.
    He will establish David’s throne and kingdom.
    He will uphold it with justice and righteousness now and forever.
    Yahweh Tsebaoth is determined to do this!

The Lord’s Message against His People

Adonay sent a message against Jacob.
    The message is against Israel.
All the people of Ephraim
    and the people who live in Samaria will know it.
        With arrogant and conceited hearts they will say,
10 “Bricks have fallen,
    but we will rebuild with hand-cut stones.
        Fig trees have been cut down,
            but we will replace them with cedars.”
11 Yahweh will set Rezin’s oppressors against Israel
    and will stir up its enemies—
12 the Arameans from the east and the Philistines from the west.
    They will devour Israel with open mouths.

Even after all this, his anger will not disappear,
    and he is still ready to use his power.

13 But the people have not returned to the one who struck them,
    nor have they sought Yahweh Tsebaoth.
14 So in one day Yahweh will cut off from Israel
    both head and tail,
    both palm branches and cattails.
15 Respected and honored leaders are the head.
    Prophets who teach lies are the tail.
16 Those who guide these people lead them astray.
    Those who are guided by them will be destroyed.
17 That is why Adonay isn’t happy with their young men,
    nor will he show compassion for their orphans and widows.
        Every one of them is a godless evildoer,
            and every mouth speaks foolishness.

Even after all this, his anger will not disappear,
    and he is still ready to use his power.

18 Surely wickedness burns like fire.
    It burns up briars and thorns.
    It sets the underbrush in the forest on fire,
        and it whirls upward in clouds of smoke.
19 The land is scorched by the fury of Yahweh Tsebaoth,
    and the people are like fuel for the fire.
    No one shows concern for others:
20 On the right, one gobbles up food and is still hungry.
    On the left, another eats and is never full.
        Each person eats the flesh from his own arm.
21 Manasseh is against Ephraim.
    Ephraim is against Manasseh.
    Together they attack Judah.

Even after all this, his anger will not disappear,
    and he is still ready to use his power.


  1. Isaiah 9:1 Isaiah 9:1–21 in English Bibles is Isaiah 8:23–9:20 in the Hebrew Bible.
  2. Isaiah 9:4 A yoke is a wooden bar placed over the necks of work animals so that they can pull plows or carts.

[a]Nevertheless, there will be no more gloom(A) for those who were in distress. In the past he humbled the land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali,(B) but in the future he will honor Galilee of the nations, by the Way of the Sea, beyond the Jordan—

The people walking in darkness(C)
    have seen a great light;(D)
on those living in the land of deep darkness(E)
    a light has dawned.(F)
You have enlarged the nation(G)
    and increased their joy;(H)
they rejoice before you
    as people rejoice at the harvest,
as warriors rejoice
    when dividing the plunder.(I)
For as in the day of Midian’s defeat,(J)
    you have shattered(K)
the yoke(L) that burdens them,
    the bar across their shoulders,(M)
    the rod of their oppressor.(N)
Every warrior’s boot used in battle
    and every garment rolled in blood
will be destined for burning,(O)
    will be fuel for the fire.
For to us a child is born,(P)
    to us a son is given,(Q)
    and the government(R) will be on his shoulders.(S)
And he will be called
    Wonderful Counselor,(T) Mighty God,(U)
    Everlasting(V) Father,(W) Prince of Peace.(X)
Of the greatness of his government(Y) and peace(Z)
    there will be no end.(AA)
He will reign(AB) on David’s throne
    and over his kingdom,
establishing and upholding it
    with justice(AC) and righteousness(AD)
    from that time on and forever.(AE)
The zeal(AF) of the Lord Almighty
    will accomplish this.

The Lord’s Anger Against Israel

The Lord has sent a message(AG) against Jacob;
    it will fall on Israel.
All the people will know it—
    Ephraim(AH) and the inhabitants of Samaria(AI)
who say with pride
    and arrogance(AJ) of heart,
10 “The bricks have fallen down,
    but we will rebuild with dressed stone;(AK)
the fig(AL) trees have been felled,
    but we will replace them with cedars.(AM)
11 But the Lord has strengthened Rezin’s(AN) foes against them
    and has spurred their enemies on.
12 Arameans(AO) from the east and Philistines(AP) from the west
    have devoured(AQ) Israel with open mouth.

Yet for all this, his anger(AR) is not turned away,
    his hand is still upraised.(AS)

13 But the people have not returned(AT) to him who struck(AU) them,
    nor have they sought(AV) the Lord Almighty.
14 So the Lord will cut off from Israel both head and tail,
    both palm branch and reed(AW) in a single day;(AX)
15 the elders(AY) and dignitaries(AZ) are the head,
    the prophets(BA) who teach lies(BB) are the tail.
16 Those who guide(BC) this people mislead them,
    and those who are guided are led astray.(BD)
17 Therefore the Lord will take no pleasure in the young men,(BE)
    nor will he pity(BF) the fatherless and widows,
for everyone is ungodly(BG) and wicked,(BH)
    every mouth speaks folly.(BI)

Yet for all this, his anger is not turned away,
    his hand is still upraised.(BJ)

18 Surely wickedness burns like a fire;(BK)
    it consumes briers and thorns,(BL)
it sets the forest thickets ablaze,(BM)
    so that it rolls upward in a column of smoke.
19 By the wrath(BN) of the Lord Almighty
    the land will be scorched(BO)
and the people will be fuel for the fire;(BP)
    they will not spare one another.(BQ)
20 On the right they will devour,
    but still be hungry;(BR)
on the left they will eat,(BS)
    but not be satisfied.
Each will feed on the flesh of their own offspring[b]:
21     Manasseh will feed on Ephraim, and Ephraim on Manasseh;(BT)
    together they will turn against Judah.(BU)

Yet for all this, his anger is not turned away,
    his hand is still upraised.(BV)


  1. Isaiah 9:1 In Hebrew texts 9:1 is numbered 8:23, and 9:2-21 is numbered 9:1-20.
  2. Isaiah 9:20 Or arm

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