A Pronouncement against Moab

15 A pronouncement concerning Moab:(A)

Ar in Moab is devastated,(B)
destroyed in a night.
Kir in Moab is devastated,
destroyed in a night.
Dibon went up to its temple
to weep at its high places.
Moab wails on Nebo and at[a] Medeba.
Every head is shaved;
every beard is chopped short.

In its streets they wear sackcloth;
on its rooftops and in its public squares everyone wails,
falling down and weeping.
Heshbon and Elealeh cry out;
their voices are heard as far away as Jahaz.(C)
Therefore the soldiers of Moab cry out,
and they tremble.[b]
My heart cries out over Moab,
whose fugitives flee as far as Zoar,(D)
to Eglath-shelishiyah;
they go up the Ascent of Luhith weeping;
they raise a cry of destruction
on the road to Horonaim.

The Waters of Nimrim(E) are desolate;
the grass is withered, the foliage is gone,
and the vegetation has vanished.
So they carry their wealth and belongings
over the Wadi of the Willows.(F)
For their cry echoes
throughout the territory of Moab.
Their wailing reaches Eglaim;
their wailing reaches Beer-elim.
The Waters of Dibon[c] are full of blood,(G)
but I will bring on Dibon[d] even more than this—
a lion for those who escape from Moab,
and for the survivors in the land.(H)


  1. 15:2 Or wails over Nebo and over
  2. 15:4 Lit out, he trembles within himself
  3. 15:9 DSS, some LXX mss, Vg; MT reads Dimon
  4. 15:9 DSS, some LXX mss, Vg; MT reads Dimon

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