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Seven women will grab hold of
one man at that time.[a]
They will say, “We will provide[b] our own food,
we will provide[c] our own clothes;
but let us belong to you[d]
take away our shame!”[e]

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  1. Isaiah 4:1 tn Or “in that day” (ASV).sn The seven-to-one ratio emphasizes the great disparity that will exist in the population due to the death of so many men in battle.
  2. Isaiah 4:1 tn Heb “eat” (so NASB, NIV, NRSV); CEV “buy.”
  3. Isaiah 4:1 tn Heb “wear” (so NASB, NRSV); NCV “make.”sn In Jewish understanding a husband should provide food and cloth to his wife. These women are so desperate as to be willing to exempt the man from some of his traditional, fundamental duties as a husband.
  4. Isaiah 4:1 tn Heb “only let your name be called over us.”
  5. Isaiah 4:1 sn This refers to the humiliation of being unmarried and childless. The women’s words reflect the cultural standards of ancient Israel, where a woman’s primary duties were to be a wife and mother.

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