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Israel has rejected the good;
The enemy will pursue him.

“They(A) set up kings, but not by Me;
They made princes, but I did not acknowledge them.
From their silver and gold
They made idols for themselves—
That they might be cut off.
Your [a]calf [b]is rejected, O Samaria!
My anger is aroused against them—
(B)How long until they attain to innocence?

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  1. Hosea 8:5 Golden calf image
  2. Hosea 8:5 Or has rejected you

But Israel has rejected what is good;
    an enemy will pursue him.(A)
They set up kings without my consent;
    they choose princes without my approval.(B)
With their silver and gold
    they make idols(C) for themselves
    to their own destruction.
Samaria, throw out your calf-idol!(D)
    My anger burns against them.
How long will they be incapable of purity?(E)

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