15 Then he blessed Joseph and said:

The God before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac walked,(A)
the God who has been my shepherd(B) all my life to this day,

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24 Yet his bow remained steady,
and his strong[a] arms were made agile
by the hands of the Mighty One of Jacob,(A)
by the name of[b] the Shepherd,(B) the Rock of Israel,(C)

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  1. Genesis 49:24 Lit and the hands of his
  2. Genesis 49:24 Syr, Tg; MT reads Jacob, from there

Psalm 23

The Good Shepherd

A Davidic psalm.

The Lord is my shepherd;(A)
there is nothing I lack.(B)

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10 Nations, hear the word of the Lord,
and tell it among the far off coastlands!(A)
Say: The One who scattered Israel will gather him.
He will watch over him as a shepherd guards his flock,

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