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So after Abram had lived[a] in Canaan for ten years, Sarai, Abram’s wife, gave Hagar, her Egyptian servant,[b] to her husband to be his wife.[c]

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  1. Genesis 16:3 tn Heb “at the end of ten years, to live, Abram.” The prepositional phrase introduces the temporal clause, the infinitive construct serves as the verb, and the name “Abram” is the subject.
  2. Genesis 16:3 tn Heb “the Egyptian, her female servant.”
  3. Genesis 16:3 sn To be his wife. Hagar became a slave wife, not on equal standing with Sarai. However, if Hagar produced the heir, she would be the primary wife in the eyes of society. When this eventually happened, Hagar become insolent, prompting Sarai’s anger.

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