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14 And kai I was advancing prokoptō in en · ho Judaism Ioudaismos beyond hyper many polys of my egō own age synēlikiōtēs in en the ho entire nation genos, being hyparchō extremely perissoterōs zealous zēlōtēs for the ho traditions patrikos of my egō ancestors paradosis. 15 But de when hote · ho God theos, who ho had set me egō apart aphorizō from ek my egō mother’ s mētēr womb koilia and kai called kaleō me by dia · ho his autos grace charis, was pleased eudokeō 16 to reveal apokalyptō · ho his autos Son hyios in en me egō so that hina I might preach euangelizō him autos among en the ho Gentiles ethnos, I did not ou consult with prosanatithēmi flesh sarx and kai blood haima,

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