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Thus says the Lord God:
I will cast my net over you
    by assembling many armies,
    and I will hoist you up in my mesh.
I will hurl you onto the land,
    cast you into an open field.
I will make all the birds of the sky
    roost upon you,
The beasts of the whole earth
    gorge themselves on you.
I will strew your flesh on the mountains,
    and fill the valleys with your corpse.(A)
I will drench the land,
    pouring out your blood on the mountain;
    filling up the ravines with you.
When I extinguish you,
    I will cover the heavens
    and darken all its stars.
The sun I will cover with clouds;
    the moon will not give light.(B)
All the shining lights in the heavens
    I will darken over you;
I will spread darkness over your land—
    oracle of the Lord God.

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