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37 Next Bezalel made the Ark. This was constructed of acacia wood and was 3¾ feet long, 2¼ feet wide, and 2¼ feet high. It was plated with pure gold inside and out, and had a molding of gold all the way around the sides. There were four gold rings fastened into its four feet, two rings at each end. Then he made poles from acacia wood, and overlaid them with gold, and put the poles into the rings at the sides of the Ark, to carry it.

Then, from pure gold, he made a lid called “the place of mercy”; it was 3¾ feet long and 2¼ feet wide. He made two statues of Guardian Angels of beaten gold and placed them at the two ends of the gold lid. They were molded so that they were actually a part of the gold lid—it was all one piece. The Guardian Angels faced each other, with outstretched wings that overshadowed the place of mercy, looking down upon it.

10 Then he made a table, using acacia wood, 3 feet long, 1½ feet wide, and 2¼ feet high. 11 It was overlaid with pure gold, with a gold molding all around the edge. 12 A rim 4 inches high was constructed around the edges of the table, with a gold molding along the rim. 13 Then he cast four rings of gold and placed them into the four table legs, 14 close to the molding, to hold the carrying poles in place. 15 He made the carrying poles of acacia wood covered with gold. 16 Next, using pure gold, he made the bowls, flagons, dishes, and spoons to be placed upon this table.

17 Then he made the lampstand, again using pure, beaten gold. Its base, shaft, lamp-holders, and decorations of almond flowers were all of one piece. 18 The lampstand had six branches, three from each side. 19 Each of the branches was decorated with identical carvings of blossoms. 20-21 The main stem of the lampstand was similarly decorated with almond blossoms, a flower on the stem beneath each pair of branches; also a flower below the bottom pair and above the top pair, four in all. 22 The decorations and branches were all one piece of pure, beaten gold. 23-24 Then he made the seven lamps at the ends of the branches, the snuffers, and the ashtrays, all of pure gold. The entire lampstand weighed 107 pounds, all pure gold.

25 The incense altar was made of acacia wood. It was 18 inches square and 3 feet high, with its corner-horns made as part of the altar so that it was all one piece. 26 He overlaid it all with pure gold and ran a gold molding around the edge. 27 Two gold rings were placed on each side, beneath this molding, to hold the carrying poles. 28 The carrying poles were gold-plated acacia wood.

29 Then, from sweet spices, he made the sacred oil for anointing the priests, and the pure incense, using the techniques of the most skilled perfumers.

Living Bible (TLB)

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