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New Stone Tablets

10 At that time the Lord said to me, “·Cut [Carve; Chisel] two stone tablets like the first ones and come up to me on the mountain. Also make a wooden Ark [Ex. 25:10]. I will write on the tablets the same words that were on the first tablets, which you broke, and you will put the new tablets in the Ark [Ex. 34].”

So I made the Ark out of acacia wood, and I ·cut [carved; chiseled] out two stone tablets like the first ones. Then I went up on the mountain with the two tablets in my hands. The Lord wrote the same things on these tablets he had written before—the Ten ·Commandments [L Words; Ex. 20:2–27; 34] that he had told you on the mountain from the fire, on the day ·you were gathered [of the assembly] there. And the Lord gave them to me. Then I turned and came down the mountain; I put the tablets in the Ark I had made, as the Lord had commanded, and they are still there.

(The ·people [L sons; children] of Israel went from ·the wells of the Jaakanites [or Beeroth-bene-jaakan] to Moserah. Aaron died there and was buried [Num. 20:22–29]; his son Eleazar became priest in his place. From Moserah they went to Gudgodah, and from Gudgodah they went to Jotbathah [Num. 33:33], a place with ·streams [wadis] of water. At that time the Lord ·chose [set apart] the tribe of Levi to carry the Ark of the ·Agreement [Treaty; Covenant; Ex. 25:10] with the Lord. They were to ·serve [minister to] the Lord and to bless the people in his name, which they still do today [Num. 6:22–27]. That is why the Levites did not ·receive any land of their own [L have an allotment and inheritance along with their brothers]; instead, they ·received the Lord himself as their gift [L inherited the Lord himself], as the Lord your God ·told [promised] them.)

10 I stayed on the mountain forty days and forty nights just like the first time, and the Lord listened to me this time also. He did not want to destroy you. 11 The Lord said to me, “Go and lead the people so that they will go in and ·take [possess] the land I promised their ·ancestors [fathers; Gen. 12:1–3; 15:17–20].”

What the Lord Wants You to Do

12 Now, Israel, ·this is what [L what is it that…?] the Lord your God wants you to do: ·Respect [Fear] the Lord your God, and ·do what he has told you to do [L walk on all his ways/paths]. Love him. Serve the Lord your God with ·your whole being [L all your heart/mind and all your soul], 13 and obey the Lord’s commands and ·laws [statutes; ordinances; requirements] that I am giving you today for your own good.

14 The Lord owns the ·world [earth] and everything in it—the heavens, even the ·highest heavens [L heaven of heavens], are his. 15 But the Lord ·cared for [stuck to] and loved your ·ancestors [fathers], and he chose you, their ·descendants [L seed], over all the other nations, just as it is today. 16 ·Give yourselves completely to serving him [L Circumcise the foreskin of your heart], and do not be stubborn any longer. 17 The Lord your God is God of all gods and Lord of all lords. He is the great God, who is strong and ·wonderful [awesome]. He does not ·take sides [show favoritism/partiality], and he will not ·be talked into doing evil [take a bribe]. 18 He ·helps [grants justice to] orphans and widows, and he loves ·foreigners [resident aliens] and gives them food and clothes. 19 You also must love ·foreigners [resident aliens], because you were ·foreigners [resident aliens] in Egypt. 20 ·Respect [Fear] the Lord your God and serve him. ·Be loyal [Cling] to him and ·make your promises in [swear by] his name. 21 He is the one you should praise; he is your God, who has done great and ·wonderful [awesome] things for you, which you have seen with your own eyes. 22 There were only seventy of your ·ancestors [fathers] when they went down to Egypt [Gen. 46:26; Ex. 1:5], and now the Lord your God has made you as many as the stars in the sky [Gen. 15:5; 22:19].

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