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30 “How could one rout a thousand,
    or two put ten thousand to flight,
Unless it was because their Rock sold them,
    the Lord delivered them up?”

31 Indeed, their “rock” is not like our Rock;
    our enemies are fools.
32 For their vine is from the vine of Sodom,
    from the vineyards of Gomorrah.
Their grapes are grapes of poison,
    and their clusters are bitter.(A)
33 Their wine is the venom of serpents,
    the cruel poison of vipers.
34 Is not this stored up with me,
    sealed up in my storehouses?
35 Vengeance is mine and recompense,
    for the time they lose their footing;
Because the day of their disaster is at hand
    and their doom is rushing upon them!(B)

36 Surely, the Lord will do justice for his people;
    on his servants he will have pity.
When he sees their strength is gone,
    and neither bond nor free[a] is left,(C)
37 He will say, Where are their gods,(D)
    the rock in whom they took refuge,
38 Who ate the fat of their sacrifices
    and drank the wine of their libations?
Let them rise up now and help you!
    Let them be your protection!
39 See now that I, I alone, am he,
    and there is no god besides me.
It is I who bring both death and life,
    I who inflict wounds and heal them,
    and from my hand no one can deliver.(E)
40 For I raise my hand to the heavens
    and will say: As surely as I live forever,
41 When I sharpen my flashing sword,
    and my hand lays hold of judgment,
With vengeance I will repay my foes
    and requite those who hate me.(F)
42 I will make my arrows drunk with blood,
    and my sword shall devour flesh—
With the blood of the slain and the captured,
    from the long-haired heads of the enemy.

43 Exult with him, you heavens,
    bow to him, all you divine beings!
For he will avenge the blood of his servants,
    take vengeance on his foes;
He will requite those who hate him,
    and purge his people’s land.(G)

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  1. 32:36 Neither bond nor free: an all-inclusive expression; cf. 1 Kgs 14:10; 2 Kgs 9:8.

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