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Mah tovu ohalecha (How goodly, beautiful, are thy tents), O Ya’akov, and mishkenotecha (thy dwellings, tabernacles), O Yisroel!

As the valleys are they [the tents of Yisroel] spread forth, as ganot (gardens) by the riverside, like aloes which Hashem hath planted, and as cedar trees beside the mayim.

He shall pour the [rainfall] mayim out of his buckets, and his zera shall have mayim rabbim, and his Melech shall be more exalted than Agag, and Malchuso (His Kingdom) shall be upraised.

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“How beautiful are your tents,(A) Jacob,
    your dwelling places, Israel!

“Like valleys they spread out,
    like gardens beside a river,(B)
like aloes(C) planted by the Lord,
    like cedars beside the waters.(D)
Water will flow from their buckets;
    their seed will have abundant water.

“Their king will be greater than Agag;(E)
    their kingdom will be exalted.(F)

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