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But there is one who made the constellations Pleiades and Orion;

he can turn the darkness into morning
and daylight[a] into night.
He summons the water of the seas
and pours it out on the earth’s surface.
The Lord is his name!
He flashes[b] destruction down upon the strong
so that destruction overwhelms[c] the fortified places.

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  1. Amos 5:8 tn Heb “darkens the day into night.”
  2. Amos 5:9 tn The precise meaning of the Hebrew verb בָּלַג (balag, translated here “flashes”) is uncertain.
  3. Amos 5:9 tn Heb “comes upon.” Many prefer to repoint the verb as Hiphil and translate, “he brings destruction upon the fortified places.”

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