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(A)(B)Eleazar fathered (C)Phinehas, Phinehas fathered Abishua, Abishua fathered Bukki, Bukki fathered Uzzi, Uzzi fathered Zerahiah, Zerahiah fathered (D)Meraioth, Meraioth fathered Amariah, Amariah fathered Ahitub, (E)Ahitub fathered (F)Zadok, Zadok fathered Ahimaaz, Ahimaaz fathered Azariah, Azariah fathered Johanan, 10 and Johanan fathered Azariah ((G)it was he who served as priest (H)in the house that Solomon built in Jerusalem). 11 (I)Azariah fathered (J)Amariah, Amariah fathered Ahitub, 12 Ahitub fathered Zadok, Zadok fathered (K)Shallum, 13 Shallum fathered (L)Hilkiah, Hilkiah fathered Azariah, 14 Azariah fathered (M)Seraiah, Seraiah fathered Jehozadak; 15 and (N)Jehozadak went into exile when the Lord sent Judah and Jerusalem into exile (O)by the hand of Nebuchadnezzar.

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