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The Ignatian Method Resources


The Fire of the Word: Meeting God on Holy Ground by Chris Webb
Chris Webb, who has been deeply impacted by the Ignatian method, discusses this Scripture engagement practice specifically in Chapter 9 of his book. He tells his story and then explains the history of the exercises, the rationale behind it, and its benefit. This is a very strong and clear resource on the Ignatian Method.

The Ignatian Adventure: Experiencing the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius in Daily Life by Kevin O’Brian, SJ
Want to go deeper with St. Ignatius and his exercises? This book provides a guide for those who wish to experience more of the exercises than just their engagement with Scripture. It acts, in a sense, as a kind of modern day version of the spiritual exercises. The book can be used individually or by those who wish to do retreats. Though it does not talk about the Scripture engagement method very deeply, it allows one to get more of a sense of St. Ignatius’ exercises as a whole.


The Picture-It Method of Bible Meditation by Rick Warren
Rick Warren’s simple explanation of the Ignatian method is quite brief and to the point. He discusses the reasoning behind the method and is very oriented toward people finding Jesus in the Scriptures. His instructions are clear, helpful, and no-nonsense in nature.

Ignatian Bible Study
Simple, short, and detailed, this is a solid source explaining the Ignatian method. It recommends not only picturing the scene in your mind but physically acting it out. If you are looking for a brief overview of the topic, this source is for you.

Imaginative Contemplation
This website provides podcasts that lead you through a number of biblical stories using the Ignatian method. The podcasts guide your thoughts, both in imagining and in applying the story.
This extensive website provides a look at Ignatian exercises today, including a page specifically dedicated to Ignatius’s way of interacting with Scripture. The site as a whole has many more facets than just this, and would be good for those who wish to explore the process more deeply.

The Ignatian Method of Bible Study
This site provides a clear lesson plan for practicing the Ignatian method in a group setting. It is very brief, but provides enough description to guide the leader through the process. It would probably be good for a leader to be somewhat familiar with the method before following this lesson plan.

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