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I gathering man and beast, I gathering volatiles of (the) heaven(s), and fishes of the sea; and fallings of unpious men shall be, and I shall lose men from the face of [the] earth, saith the Lord. (I shall gather people and beasts, and I shall gather the birds of the air, and the fish of the sea; and I shall bring the unrighteous, or the wicked, unto their downfall, or unto their knees, and I shall destroy all the people from off the face of the earth, saith the Lord.)

And I shall stretch out mine hand on Judah, and on all the dwellers of Jerusalem; and I shall lose from this place the remnants of Baal, and the names of keepers of [the] houses, with [the] priests; (And I shall stretch out my hand over Judah, and over all the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and I shall destroy from this place the last remnants of Baal, and the very names of the heathen priests;)

and them that worship on roofs the knighthood of heaven, and worship, and swear in the Lord, and swear in Malcham; (and those who worship upon rooftops the host of the heavens, and who worship, and swear by the Lord, and then also swear by Molech, or by Milcom;)

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