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“I will sweep away the people and animals;
    I will ·destroy [sweep away] the birds in the air
    and the fish of the sea.
I will ·ruin the evil people [reduce the wicked to rubble; L destroy the stumbling blocks with the wicked],
    and I will remove human beings from the [L face of the] earth,” says the Lord.

The Future of Judah

“I will ·punish [L stretch out my hand against] Judah
    and all the people living in Jerusalem.
I will remove from this place
    ·all signs [every trace; the remnant] of Baal, ·the [every memory of; L the names of] ·false [idolatrous] priests, and the other priests.
I will destroy those who ·worship [bow down to]
    the ·stars [starry host; host of heaven] from the roofs [C roofs were flat and used for living space],
and those who ·worship [bow down] and ·make promises [swear oaths]
    by both the Lord and the god ·Molech [or Malkam; or the king],

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