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Thus saith Hashem, After this manner will I mar the ga’on Yehudah (pride of Judah), and the great ga’on of Yerushalayim.

10 This evil people, which refuse to listen to My words, which walk in the sherirut (stubbornness) of their lev, and walk after elohim acharim, to serve them, and to worship them, shall even be as this ezor, which is good for nothing.

11 For as the ezor has deveykus with the waist of an ish, so have I caused to have deveykus unto Me kol Bais Yisroel and kol Bais Yehudah, saith Hashem; that they might be unto Me for a People, and for Shem, and for Tehillah, and for Teferet: but they would not hear.

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