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By Emunah Noach, having been warned about the things not yet visible to the eye of flesh, and being an ish of yirat Shomayim, built the Teva (Ark) for the Geulah of the Beis HaNoach. By his Emunah he condemned the Olam Hazeh and he became the yoresh (heir) of the Tzedek Hashem that is credited to Emunah. [Gn 15:6; Hab 2:4]

By Emunah Avraham Avinu, when he was called to go out to a place which he was about to receive as a nachalah (inheritance), responded with mishma’at (obedience), and he went out, not having da’as of where he was going.

By Emunah he made aliyah to HA’ARETZ ASHER DIBER ("the land that He promised" DEVARIM 9:28), Ha’aretz haHavtacha (the Promised Land), as in an eretz zarah (a strange land), living in oholim (tents), as did Yitzchak and Ya’akov, the fellow yorshim (heirs) of the same havtachah (promise);

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