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10 ·Your love is so sweet [L How beautiful is your love], my sister [4:9], my bride.
    Your love is better than wine [C makes one lightheaded],
    and ·your perfume [L the scent of your oils] smells better than any spice.
11 My bride, your lips drip honey;
    honey and milk are under your tongue [C sensuous liquids that he will explore].
    Your clothes smell like the cedars of Lebanon [C the best cedars].
12 My sister [4:9], my bride, you are like a garden locked up [C she has not been entered by a man],
    like a ·walled-in [sealed] spring, a ·closed-up [locked] fountain.
13 Your ·limbs [L shoots; C a botanical term either referring to the woman’s legs or her genital organs] are like an orchard
    of pomegranates with all the best fruit,
filled with ·flowers [henna; 1:14] and nard,
14 nard and saffron [C spicy floral scent], calamus [C woody odor], and cinnamon,
    with trees of incense, myrrh [C aromatic gum from tree bark], and aloes [C a fragrant wood]
    all the best spices.
15 You are like a garden fountain—
    a well of ·fresh [L living] water
·flowing [streaming] down from the mountains of Lebanon.

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