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The Woman Speaks

10 I am a wall [C chaste],
    and my breasts are like towers [C she is mature].
So I ·was to him [or will be in his eyes],
    as one who brings ·happiness [peace; contentment].
11 Solomon had a vineyard at Baal Hamon.
    He ·rented [entrusted] the vineyards ·for others to tend [or to guards],
and everyone who rented had to pay
    ·twenty-five pounds [L a thousand pieces] of silver for the fruit.
12 But my own vineyard is mine ·to give [alone].
    Solomon, the ·twenty-five pounds [L thousand pieces] of silver are for you,
and ·five pounds [L two hundred] are for those who ·tend [guard] the fruit.

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