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·Take me with [L Draw me after] you; let’s run together.
    The king takes me into his ·rooms [bedroom; inner chamber].

Friends Speak to the Man

We will rejoice and be happy with you;
    we praise your love more than wine [v. 2].
With good reason, the young women love you.

The Woman Speaks

I’m dark ·but [or and] ·lovely [beautiful; C she was out in the sun because her brothers forced her to work the fields; v. 6],
    ·women [L daughters] of Jerusalem [C her friends whom she is instructing about love],
    dark like the tents of Kedar [C desert nomads; Gen. 25:13; Jer. 49:28–29],
    like the curtains of ·Solomon [or Salma; C south Arabian desert nomads].
Don’t look at how ·dark [swarthy] I am,
    ·at how dark the sun has made me [L because the sun scorched me].
My ·brothers [L mother’s sons] were angry with me
    and made me ·tend [or guard] the vineyards,
    so I haven’t ·tended [or guarded] my own ·vineyard [C referring to her body]!

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