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28 For the Lord will waste no time in carrying out every detail of His sentence upon the earth.”[a] 29 It is as Isaiah predicts:

Except for the fraction of us who hang on by the grace of the Lord, Commander of heavenly armies,
    we’d be destroyed and deserted like Sodom
    and Gomorrah, utterly done in.[b]

For Paul, the astonishing truth of the gospel has to do with what God is now doing with the non-Jews. Apparently God’s plan all along is to make those who are not His people into His people. All those who never experienced God’s love are now experiencing it as they enter into the life of the Spirit through faith. But what does this mean for Israel? Israel, too, is included in the people of God; but again, this does not mean all of Israel. Pedigree is not what counts; faith is. As it was in the days of the prophets, so it is again. Divine judgment is falling on disobedience, but a remnant of faithful Jews—a fraction of the whole—is being saved.

30 So what does all of this mean? Did the non-Jews stumble into a right standing with God without chasing after it? Yes, they found it through faith.

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