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Or ē do you not know agnoeō that hoti we who hosos were baptized baptizō into eis Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous were baptized baptizō into eis · ho his autos death thanatos? Therefore oun we were buried synthaptō with him autos by dia · ho baptism baptisma into eis · ho death thanatos, so hina that just hōsper as Christ Christos was raised egeirō from ek the dead nekros by dia the ho glory doxa of the ho Father patēr, so houtōs also kai we hēmeis might walk peripateō in en newness kainotēs of life zōē. For gar if ei we have become ginomai united symphytos with him in the ho likeness homoiōma of ho his autos death thanatos, we will eimi certainly alla also kai be eimi united with him in the likeness of his ho resurrection anastasis.

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